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Strengthening our West Tennessee presence

Baptist Medical Group (BMG) recently added the Women’s Health Center of Martin, an obstetrics and gynecology practice in Martin, Tennessee, to its team of primary and specialty physician practices. As the area’s largest multispecialty physician group, BMG has 500 providers, and many of them practice in communities that really need them.

Experts predict that America will be facing a serious primary care physician shortage, and it will disproportionately affect rural areas. Fortunately, Baptist Medical Group is helping to ease that shortage in the rural communities we serve. You’ve heard me say that we are committed to maintaining a strong presence in underserved rural areas in the Mid-South. Adding new physician practices to BMG is a great way to do that.

Primary care physicians, including obstetricians/gynecologists, often are the most important part of a rural patient’s health care team. They are the first people patients turn to when something isn’t right. Patients rely on their advice and counsel, and they work with specialty physicians and hospitals to help direct patients’ care. They are a crucial part of any community, especially in rural areas.

Our rural communities face a number of health challenges, and BMG is at the forefront of helping us address them. By helping to keep patients healthy and improving access to additional health resources, BMG helps solidify our presence in these communities. In June, I wrote to you about the strength of our West Tennessee entities, and the addition of the Women’s Health Center of Martin is proof of that. I am excited to welcome these health care experts to our team.

How do you feel about BMG’s expansion? Tell me by emailing me, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn.

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