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Putting empathy in cancer care

Baptist Cancer Center has partnered with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi to create the Cancer Care Home model, which will transform the way we treat cancer patients.

A key component of this model is the navigator who will coordinate all aspects of the patients’ cancer care. The navigator will ensure the entire cancer care team works effectively, collaborating with patients, their caregivers and multiple specialists to ensure best practices are followed to reach the best outcomes possible. Our Cancer Care Home will focus on treating the patient, not just the cancer.

In addition to expanding the role of the navigator, this Cancer Care Home will establish care protocols based on nationally recognized guidelines. Initially, this project will focus on breast and colon cancer, however, will expand to cover other types of disease-specific cancers.  We will also use or Cancer Care Home to reduce the time from diagnosis to treatment, proactively manage symptoms, control the cost of care for patients by avoiding duplication of services and keeping them out of the hospital, and explore expanded use of home care and palliative care if and when it benefits patients. The best part is we’ll be able to use these enhanced care strategies and protocols to benefit all our cancer patients and improve the overall patient experience.

I am so excited to offer this service to our patients because it allows us to deliver top-quality care with the empathy that’s part of everything we do. I think Ann Bishop, our oncology service line administrator and the CEO of Baptist Medical Group Oncology, put it best when she described our cancer team as a “home in the storm” for patients. Our new Cancer Care Home model will provide the shelter our patients need to survive this tumultuous time in their lives.

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