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Preaching to teach and heal

A little more than a month ago, the Baptist family lost a precious member, Rev. Jimmy Terry. Rev. Terry served on our System Board of Trustees for 25 years and founded Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church and Tabernacle Christian School in Clarksville, Tennessee.

While mourning this tremendous loss, we tried to think of a meaningful way to honor Rev. Terry’s memory. We drew inspiration from one of his final initiatives, when he was called to remind everyone that the focus of Christmas and Easter should be on Jesus. He purchased signs that read, “Christmas is all about Jesus,” and “Easter is all about Jesus” and placed them all over Clarksville and beyond. This effort inspired us to create the Rev. Jimmy Terry Preaching Series: It’s All About Jesus – our way of honoring Rev. Terry’s legacy.

The Rev. Jimmy Terry Preaching Series will bring a minister to Garrett Auditorium on the Baptist Memphis campus on the third Thursday of every month, starting on Aug. 17. The minister will deliver a 30-minute sermon, which will be broadcast to all 21 of our hospitals. The events will be open to anyone in our hospitals—physicians, patients, visitors and, most importantly, you.

Our mission statement mirrors the threefold ministry of Christ found in the book of Matthew. Healing, preaching and teaching are all integral parts of our mission. The Rev. Jimmy Terry Preaching Series will help us fulfill an important part of our mission and help advance our faith-based delivery of care throughout our system. I pray that our Lord will use these services to bring a message of hope to our patients and our team, blessing us all for years to come, as Baptist continues to be a refuge of healing for people of all faiths.

Be sure to read next week’s Leader for more information on our first Rev. Jimmy Terry Preaching Series speaker. If you have any questions, please email me, tweet me @jason_m_little or find me on LinkedIn.

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