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Everyone profits from this sale

When we announced that we were building a $300 million replacement hospital in Oxford, Mississippi, the community was very excited. However, some local leaders were also anxious.

They wondered what would become of the hospital building we would be leaving. They didn’t want the property to sit vacant, and they didn’t want us to sell the facility to just anyone. We heard and respected their concerns, and we vowed to take them into account as we decided what to do with the existing hospital property.

As you may have read in last week’s Leader, we recently agreed to sell the hospital building and surrounding property to the University of Mississippi. It was a win-win for everyone involved. It ensures the building will continue to be occupied. We couldn’t have found a better buyer than Ole Miss. And the physicians and others who own property around our existing hospital building can rest assured that their new neighbor will add value to the area. Oxford’s daily newspaper agreed and said in an editorial that the purchase benefits all community stakeholders.

As I said in the articles about the sale, the decision to sell to Ole Miss was an easy one because it was the best option for the city and the county. We’re grateful to be able to bring such value to the community; it’s what we strive to do in all the communities we serve.

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