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Baptist CEO Jason Little hosts Corner Office Series

On March 7, Baptist CEO and President Jason Little hosted approximately a dozen local young professionals as part of the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Corner Office Series. Designed to help young professionals connect with area leaders, the hourlong informal meeting involved professionals in business development, tax, accounting, advertising and project management.

Little led the discussion by sharing his professional development, leadership lessons, and background at Baptist—and how all have played a part in his eventually becoming CEO at Baptist.

“I have been very fortunate to work at Baptist from a young age,” said Little. While he really wanted to be a doctor, he decided that wouldn’t be a good idea because he “didn’t like science much and that seemed to be an important part.”

Throughout the hour, the group asked questions about his ideas on leadership, workforce development, the entire state of the health care industry and more. Sharing personal anecdotes, Little relayed that not all of his best moments were planned, but often resulted from his own intuition.

“Knowing who you are and having an authentic approach is important,” said Little. He also confessed to another personal leadership maxim: “When I got to Baptist Memphis, I realized there was no way I could succeed unless everyone around me succeeded. It was too big. I learned to surround myself with people who are much smarter than me.”

Organized by the Baptist Community Relations team and the Greater Memphis Chamber, the March meeting was part of a yearlong chamber series held with different leaders across the city.

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