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Winning over new nurses

We have a top-flight group of leaders dedicated to convincing the best and brightest to work at Baptist.

Recruiting top talent is hard work, especially when it’s in such high demand. Fortunately, we have a top-flight group of leaders dedicated to convincing the best and brightest to work at Baptist. And their efforts are working.

We are thrilled that we are onboarding the majority of nurses from the Baptist College of Health Sciences’ December graduating class. Half of Northwest Mississippi Community College’s December nursing graduates and nearly a third of the University of Memphis’ are now part of our team. We have also successfully recruited graduates from Southwest Tennessee Community College, Dyersburg State Community College, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Hinds Community College and several other schools.

In all, 196 new graduate nurses from numerous area schools have joined our Baptist family in 2018. Our employment services team and our nursing teams systemwide deserve credit for this success. By building relationships and engaging students, they are doing a wonderful job of recruiting highly qualified nurses to Baptist.

Our team members are the best ambassadors for our great organization, so I encourage you to recruit others who are just like you. For certain positions, we even have referral bonus programs. Please talk with our human resources representative for more information about these programs. 

I commend all our “recruiters” for successfully communicating the benefits of Baptist to these new team members. And I thank you for welcoming them to our family. Your guidance and support are invaluable, and you set the perfect example for what our new team members should be.

What have you done to help mentor new team members? Tell me by emailing me, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn.