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We Have Awesome Volunteers!

For this year’s National Volunteer Week, I wanted to do more than just thank the selfless people who support our hospitals and other entities. I want to show you just how much they contribute to our organization.

Many perform traditional volunteer duties, while others lend their considerable talents as fundraisers, chaplains, musicians, master gardeners and seamstresses to raise money and minister to our patients in many ways. During the past year, more than 400 volunteers

  • Worked 375,000 hours
  • Raised $240,000 to support hospital and community projects
  • Where they work:
    • Staff information desks, waiting rooms and other areas
    • Take reading material and refreshments to families in waiting rooms
    • Arrange fresh flowers and potted plants to sell in the gift shop
    • Make pillows for mastectomy patients and pillow cases for heart patients
    • Help patients find where they need to go
    • Assist hospital staff
    • Make admissions and discharge packets
    • Label baby Bibles and Books from Birth books
    • Read to babies
    • Co-sponsor community events

These numbers show how hard our volunteers work, but they don’t show how much they mean to us. They are precious, and I am so grateful they dedicate their time and energy to making Baptist better. I don’t know where we would be without them.

Why are you thankful for our volunteers? Tell me by email, tweet me @jason_m_little or follow me on LinkedIn.

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