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‘They Really Did Help Me’

Jason Little

A few weeks ago, a bus headed for Tunica County, Mississippi, slid on an icy overpass and flipped over, killing two passengers and injuring dozens more. The victims were taken to several hospitals; half of them came to Baptist.

Our hospital team members quickly sprang into action, mobilizing staff to respond as patients were admitted. Our system command center stood ready to help, but, thanks to expert planning and regular crisis drills, the hospitals were able to care for patients with their in-house resources.

Not only did these team members treat the crash victims’ physical wounds, they also responded to other important needs. The survivors came to our hospitals with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, which were wet from waiting in the freezing rain and snow for first responders to arrive.

Hospital staff and our system community outreach team worked with the Red Cross to provide them with clothing and find lodging for them until loved ones came to take them home. Some discharged patients and family members chose to stay at the hospital, and team members fed them and made sure they were comfortable. One survivor personally thanked hospital staff during an interview with a Memphis television news reporter.

Her words say it all, and they show how much your empathetic care means to our patients. You do a remarkable job of responding to all our patients’ needs; no matter how complex their physical conditions are, you always remember to care for their spiritual and emotional needs, as well. Thank you for treating patients with a servant’s heart and doing everything you can to help them.

How have you or your co-workers helped patients in similar situations? Tell me by email, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn.

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