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One Week Is Not Long Enough

One week is not long enough to brag about the exceptional care you deliver.

One week is not long enough to praise you for earning local, regional, national and worldwide acclaim.

It’s not long enough to admire you for the hours you spend performing often thankless work.

To notice the little things you do for your patients and team members.

To list all the things that make you great.

To thank you for all you do.

My appreciation for you doesn’t stop after Nurses Week and Hospital Week. It never ends. I may not say it every day, but I see what you do every day. I know how much you give and how hard you work. The sacrifices you make and the wins you earn. And it means so much to me.

You are the heart and soul of Baptist, and I thank God every day you choose to be part of our team. There will never be enough time to tell you how grateful I am for you.

Happy Nurses Week and Happy Hospital Week! Feel free to reach out to me any time by email, tweeting me @jason_m_little, or finding me on LinkedIn.

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