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A life saved, a life celebrated

NEA Baptist and Baptist Union City leaders recently shared stories about some amazing, selfless team members.

Chelsea Greer, a CT technologist at NEA Baptist, was in the right place at the right time when a woman in a local restaurant began choking on her meal. When a waitress ran into the section where Chelsea was eating, frantically searching for someone who knew the Heimlich maneuver, Chelsea sprang into action. She ran – in heels – to the woman who was choking and performed the maneuver 15 times until the woman began breathing again. Since her heroic act, everyone in the woman’s family has sent Chelsea thank you messages.

Baptist Union City pharmacy director Teresa Ervin and staff pharmacist Willa Carr readily volunteered to help fellow team member Pam Hughes after she was diagnosed with pancreatic and esophageal cancer last August. For five months, Teresa and Willa took turns staying the night with Pam on the days she received chemotherapy and the following day. Pam lived alone and needed 24/7 care, and Teresa and Willa’s willingness to help gave Pam’s daughters time to rest. Pam’s time on this Earth ended in January, and she was fortunate to have Teresa and Willa by her side as she entered the gates of Heaven.

These two stories struck me because they mirror the broad spectrum of care you provide every day. Whether you’re called to save a life, to celebrate a life well lived, or something in between, your work is so special and meaningful to patients and their families.

Words cannot express my admiration for Chelsea, Teresa and Willa’s compassion, sacrifice and dedication to others. Their actions help sustain our culture of empathy, and I am so grateful they are part of our team.

Don’t forget: You can recognize team members’ great work by nominating them for a Service First award.

How has a team member’s kindness touched your life? I’d love to read your responses by email, or you can tweet me @jason_m_little or find me on LinkedIn.