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Help Us Recruit Nurses!

Jason Little

We just unveiled a new nurse recruitment video that highlights the many benefits of working at Baptist. Everyone from senior leaders to front-line team members talk about their experiences and encourage others to consider a career in one of our facilities. You can watch it here.

We’re launching an aggressive campaign – mostly on social media – to recruit nurses, and the new video will be an important part of it. We could really use your help to reach as many people as possible. If you’re active on social media, consider sharing the video on your Facebook page. If you know someone who would be a great cultural fit for Baptist, you and that person could earn a cash bonus for referring the candidate to Baptist if the nurse is hired.

We devote a great deal of time, resources and energy to attracting new nurses, but you bring something special to our recruitment efforts. You know more than anyone about working at Baptist, and people trust you. You are powerful recruiters and our most important influencers. Getting involved in this recruitment campaign will give you the chance to help shape our workforce and choose your co-workers.

We have so much to offer nurses at Baptist. I am particularly proud of the number of nurses who have important leadership roles in our organization. Our chief human resources officer; vice president and chief information and transformation officer; the president of the Baptist College of Health Sciences; our chief nurse executive; and the CEOs of Baptist Memphis, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center and Baptist Restorative Care Hospital are all nurses. We value what nurses bring to all levels of our organization—from our hospital rooms, physician offices and research labs to our boardrooms. Baptist is a place where nurses can thrive by doing what they’re called to do.

What do you think of our new nurse recruitment video? Share your thoughts with me by email, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn.