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They give so much and ask for so little

They staff information desks, comfort grieving campers and keep hospice patients company. They raise money for our programs and facilities. They’re some of our biggest supporters. They’re our volunteers.

I didn’t want National Volunteer Week to end without recognizing those who give their time, money, energy, love, passion and empathy, but ask for little to nothing in return. We rely on our volunteers to do all kinds of things. And they always come through for us.

Our volunteers come in many forms. Some are retirees —including former team members. Others are current team members who work full time and still find time to volunteer at community events and fundraise for us. Your help and support mean so much to me.

I would also like to thank those who honor our volunteers every year for all they bring to Baptist. Thank you for celebrating such a special, devoted group of people.

Our volunteers make our facilities special. They are remarkable, and we are so fortunate to have them.

How did you celebrate Volunteer Week? Let me know by email, tweeting me @jason_m_little, or finding me on LinkedIn.

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