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Extra Milers

Our Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation’s Above and Beyond employee giving campaign begins on Monday. The Baptist Health Foundation, which serves our central Mississippi hospitals, will kick off its annual Carry the Mission campaign later in June. This is a great time of year because teams that do most of their work behind the scenes get their turn in the spotlight.

Our Foundation teams never pick up a scalpel, take a blood pressure or read a CT scan. But their work saves and improves the lives of many of our patients. They helped make our eICU possible. 328 team members received much-needed financial help through the Foundations’ employee assistance funds. Thanks to the Friends of Nursing Fund, 119 nurses participated in prep courses or received prep materials and books. Carry the Mission also raises money for central Mississippi nonprofits—last year 56 charitable organizations benefited from Carry the Mission donations.

Our Foundations’ work touches each part of our mission—healing, preaching and teaching. If you’re considering donating to the Above and Beyond or Carry the Mission campaign, rest assured that your money will benefit a worthy cause.

During these giving campaigns, take a few minutes to learn more about the many projects and funds our Foundations support. You’ll receive a donation form that summarizes the Foundations’ 2018 successes, and you’ll see that our Foundations’ teams go the extra mile for us and our patients.

If you would like to donate money or PTO hours to Above and Beyond, please complete the form you will receive, or contact the Foundation at 901-227-7123. To contribute to the Carry the Mission campaign, please complete the form you receive or contact Laura Jones, Baptist Health Foundation’s director of annual giving, at 601-968-1489 or laura.jones2@bmhcc.org.

Have you benefited from our Foundations’ work? Please tell me by sending me an email, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn.

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