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Even the strong need support

Jason Little

Do you have someone to talk to when times are tough? Someone who will listen to your troubles without judgment? A kind ear that’s available when you need one?

Many of us are blessed to have family, friends, fellow team members, pastors or others to help us through the rough times. But we all have another resource, and it’s called CONCERN.

CONCERN is our free employee assistance program that provides counseling for Baptist team members and everyone in their household. Through the program you have access to an unlimited number of sessions.

No problem is too big or too small. Our CONCERN counselors are all licensed and can help with everything from stress and relationship and/or financial issues, to conflict resolution and substance abuse. All counseling sessions are completely confidential.

A qualified counselor is ready to help, no matter where you live or work. You can visit any of the following four locations, or you can call 901-458-4000 or 800-445-5011 for a referral to a counselor near you.

  • Bartlett, 5158 Stage Road, Suite 120
  • Germantown, 2010 Exeter Road, Suite 1
  • Midtown, 2670 Union Avenue Extended, Suite 610
  • Southaven,7165 Swinnea Road, Bldg. B, #1

If you or someone in your household is in crisis, or if you just need to talk to someone, I urge you to take advantage of this free benefit. Our patients aren’t the only ones who deserve empathetic care. You do, too.

Click here to learn more about CONCERN and its new director, Melissa Wilkes.

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