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A salute to our doctors

Tomorrow is Doctors’ Day, and I want to thank all our physicians for their hard work and dedication to their patients.

Physicians play such an important role in our hospitals and their communities, and their jobs get more difficult every day. They’re asked to be both clinically excellent and patient focused, and they do both admirably.

Now more than ever, we must partner with physicians to ensure our patients’ safety and well-being. Our success as an organization largely depends on our ability to coordinate patient care with our doctors. I am so grateful that our physicians willingly collaborate with us in a number of ways. These partnerships ‒ from Baptist Medical Group (BMG) to our Brain and Spine Network collaboration with Semmes-Murphey ‒ have been extremely successful and enhance the care we provide our patients.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention five physicians who play a huge role in maintaining positive relationships with our doctors: Dr. Paul DePriest, our chief operating officer; Dr. Mark Swanson, BMG’s president and CEO; Dr. Henry Sullivant, our chief medical officer, Dr. Anne Sullivan, our chief quality academic officer; and Dr. Jack Brown, our chief medical information officer. They are loyal to both Baptist and our physician partners, and their ability to maintain these crucial relationships is truly remarkable. Thank you to them and all our corporate and entity physician leaders.

William Osler, the founder of Johns Hopkins Hospital, said, “A good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” Thank you for demonstrating the skill needed to treat the disease and the compassion needed to treat the patient.

Has a physician made a difference in your life? Tell me by emailing me, tweeting me @jason_m_little, or finding me on LinkedIn.