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A Dr. Google Alternative

Millions of Americans search for health information online, and they find tons of articles, posts, videos and other content on every topic imaginable. While much of that information comes from reputable sources, a great deal does not.

As social media sites work to protect consumers from dangerous health misinformation, I’m reminded of how important our work is in this area. We regularly post valuable health information on our social media sites. And as online audiences have grown, so has our content.

Today, we create articles, videos and posts on the latest health news, new procedures, upcoming health events and a variety of other topics. Much of this content features our physicians and clinical staff, sometimes dispensing valuable advice, and other times just sharing information about themselves.

Providing this information extends our teaching mission, and it also makes it easier for people to find the facts they need to make important health care decisions. We can look no further than the recent measles outbreaks to see how much harm incorrect information can do.

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