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The survey that listens

When Sherry Mannon, RN, OCN, quality manager for Baptist Cancer Center and Beacon credentialed trainer, took the interdepartmental survey last year, she felt like many people in large organizations do. She took it with little confidence that anything would come of the survey down the road. Historically, surveys have fallen into the abyss with employees receiving zero feedback or visible results.

“My approach is that I am someone who can avoid controversy, but if you ask me, then I’m going to answer your question truthfully.” So, on the survey she detailed a problem with training nurses that had been an ongoing operational issue.

“In order for our nurses to gain access to Epic Scheduling, they had to attend a three-day training. And even then, they didn’t get the information they needed to do their job.” Sherry helps organize training for the infusion nurses. “Because oncology treatments are very regimented and set, infusion center nurses set up and manage recurring appointments. Cadence and the scheduling piece were a problem for us. Nurses can’t get access until they are trained.”

After she sent in her survey, something different happened this time.

“In less than a month, I heard from Carol Lumsden, a certified Epic instructional designer for Baptist Technology Services. Within six months or less, she had helped us solve our problem.”

Not only did Sherry and Carol cut three days of training down to two hours, the team could train new nurses rather than waiting for training. Reducing training time significantly reduced costs. More importantly, the whole process shifted her perspective.

“It meant a lot to me that someone actually read the survey and took it to heart,” said Sherry.

Meanwhile, when Sherry’s interdepartmental survey arrived in the Baptist Technology Services group, Cindy Cain received it and passed it to Carol. “We know these surveys contain a lot of information. We were excited to get Sherry’s survey because it represented a true need and an opportunity for us,” said Cindy. Using the Baptist Management System, Cindy said the department is always asking how they can improve their processes.

Carol faced a different challenge throughout the early Epic training periods.

“Throughout the go-live phases, we trained at a higher level and covered a lot of ground. We didn’t have the time or knowledge to identify specific training issues. Today, we’re in an optimization period, which allows us to identify projects where we can make a difference.”

Working together for six months, Carol and Sherry implemented Beacon HAR Creation Training, which trained the nurses on exactly what they needed to gain access, perform their job functions–and train others.

“We are very proud of our team,” said Cindy.

And as for Sherry? Not only is her problem solved, but perhaps her faith in the process renewed.

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