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The new Baptist online site is almost here!

On Sept. 1, 2017, Baptist will enter a new digital chapter with the launch of the newly redesigned A long-term project and strategic initiative for 2017, the new website project began in late 2015 and will officially launch Aug. 31.

Unlike the previous site, the new site is mobile friendly and will adjust to the user’s screen size. The new content philosophy puts an emphasis on getting patients and family the information they are seeking as quickly as possible.

A key feature is the website’s ability to be more intuitive. The site uses a visitor’s geo location to send customized content such as the wait time at the ER located closest to the user.

For instance, if a visitor is in DeSoto County, Miss., searching on the Baptist site for an emergency room, the search would direct the user to the nearest Baptist emergency room.

The new site’s 60,000 dynamic pages may sound staggering—until compared with the old site, which held 200,000 pages of content!

Corporate Communications Web Marketing Manager Darnell Settles and Digital Content Strategist Eder Causor led the project from inception to launch with the help of fellow team members Tommy Coletta, web content and design coordinator, and Jerry Williams, web content and design specialist.

The new site helps build Baptist’s trusted brand even more by moving the entire system forward into the growing digital space.

Mark your calendars to visit the new site on Sept. 1!

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