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Learn about Baptist’s new Specialty Pharmacy

This year, Baptist opened the doors on a new Specialty Pharmacy located on the Baptist Memphis campus and offering specialized pharmacy care for patients, physicians and providers. Unlike a traditional pharmacy, the Specialty Pharmacy carries medications designed for specific diseases or other chronic medical conditions.

“The Baptist Specialty Pharmacy fills an important gap in our pharmacy services. We were already offering on-site infusion, home infusion, retail pharmacy and inpatient hospital pharmacy services, but we did not have a specialty pharmacy service to offer our patients. This rounds out our pharmacy services package and our ability to care for any of our patients’ pharmacy needs,” said Jillian Foster, system pharmacy administrator.

In addition to medications, the Specialty Pharmacy team also works to provide patients with guidance and education about specific conditions or diseases. A growing percentage of the population takes specialty medications, which are often prescribed for such chronic health conditions as AIDS, autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease or hepatitis. These medications are generally expensive and require special manufacturing, administration and management.

Sean Altendorf is the clinical lead pharmacist for Baptist Specialty Pharmacy. Altendorf helped open the pharmacy, which administers specialty medications to our network of hospitals.

“These medications are expensive and require a lot of benefits management and copay assistance that patients don’t have the expertise to handle,” said Altendorf. “I can help patients afford their medications; manage their side effects; and promote adherence so they can lead healthy, productive lives.”

Although the pharmacy does have a physical location, its services extend across the network. For employees and patients outside the Memphis metro area, the Specialty Pharmacy can mail prescriptions.

Open enrollment season is a good time to learn more about The Baptist Specialty Pharmacy and how its services can benefit patients and families. For more information, visit

Baptist Specialty Pharmacy
6025 Walnut Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120
Toll-free number: 844-605-5496
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

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