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Baptist Medical Center team gathers for annual reunion

When people work together for decades, it’s hard not to feel like family. For a group of Baptist team members who spent decades together in Baptist’s former flagship hospital, getting together these days rekindles fond memories of earlier Baptist times.

Pam Green, who spent 35 years with Baptist both in a business office and a GI lab, joined more than 15 former and current team members at Perkins for lunch.

“I worked with Ms. Cannon and it was her idea to get everyone together,” she said. The group gathered last year at Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. “We spend time in the past, talking about our years working together. We saw more new people this year. Some from last year couldn’t make it.”

Dr. Coyle Shea, the oldest retiree, also attended. “We worked hard but we didn’t mind because of the service we provided—good quality service we were happy to give.”

For those like Pam Green who have retired from Baptist, her servant work continues. “I do a lot of volunteer work. I work with Beyond the Reach, and we help feed the homeless in the park and give them toiletry items.” Other attendees included Dr. Jan Petri, an otolaryngologist who is still working; Dr. Bruce McCullar, an oral surgeon who is also working; Dr. Jimmy Albright; RN Barbara Brown; and Mrs. Cannon Barber, who is retired.

The group plans to meet again in 2018 if not sooner, according to Pam. “We may meet again in six months because we had so much fun.”

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