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Your BestHealth questions answered

If you’re looking for more information about the BestHealth Wellbeing program, this is the place for you. You can also contact the wellbeing team at 901-227-2378 (BEST), email besthealth@bmhcc.org, or visit the BestHealth site on MyBaptist. The BestHealth Wellbeing office will be located at 6141 Walnut Grove Road in Memphis.

Getting Started

1. What is BestHealth?
2. What services does BestHealth offer?
3. How do I enroll in the BestHealth program?
4. Why should I participate in the BestHealth Wellbeing program?
5. Is this program mandatory?
6. When will Mississippi Baptist Medical Center employees be able to participate in the program?
7. What program features are available to team members who are not on the Baptist health plan?

Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening

1. How can I submit my biometric screening results and get my reward if I get them at my doctor’s office?
2. How does the health risk assessment and screening work?

    3. How often can I complete a health risk assessment and screening?
    4. Should I fast for my screening?
    5. Are these biometric screenings going to be covered by Baptist's insurance?
    6. Where will biometric screenings be held?
    7. What if I just had blood work done with my medical provider?
    8. If I improve my biometric screening results during the year, how do I submit new values?
    9. What if I don’t meet my health goals?
    10. What does BestHealth do with my screening information?


    1. Tell me about the rewards!
    2. When will team members receive incentives?
    3. Is the $300 in rewards for employees only or every covered life?
    4. Can you address how those employees in areas without BMG/MyChart providers will complete some of the goals?

    Wellbeing Specialists

    1. Who will be providing the nutrition classes and health coaching?
    2. Will employees be able to use wellbeing specialists for questions regarding their children’s well being?

    Primary Care Provider Visits

    1. What type of exams count as the annual physical exam?
    2. What if you have already had your wellness visit this year?
    3. If you go to your primary care provider for the biometric screening after you have already had your annual physical, will you have to pay a co-pay? Are BMG primary care providers going to perform the biometric screening at no charge?
    4. Does a BMG provider have to perform the wellness exam?
    5. Will we provide assistance for team members who do not have a primary care provider (or need to change to one from BMG)? Where do they start?
    6. Some female employees receive a Well Woman visit from their OB/GYN, will those be accepted as a wellness visit?
    7. Does the biometric screening assessment require me to see my primary care physician or can this be done via a nurse visit?


    1. Will my medical information be kept private?
    2. Who can see my biometric screening results?
    3. Can I participate in the program if I don’t want to share my biometric screening results?
    4. If my biometric screening scores are bad, will it be held against me?
    5. Can human resources see my health information?
    6. Can my boss see my health information?


    1. What about employees who are not on our insurance plan, are they eligible?
    2. Is my spouse eligible?
    3. What if I get married in 2018, can my spouse join the BestHealth Wellbeing program?
    4. Can my children participate in the BestHealth Wellbeing program?
    5. What if I am unable to participate due to a limitation or disability?
    6. I’m not a member of the health plan. Can I participate in a BestHealth screening?
    7. I’m a new employee to the health system. How long do I have to complete a BestHealth biometric screening?

    Other Questions

    1. Will information sent to hospital emails also be sent to personal emails that people decide to use with the app?
    2. Will exercise classes be available at all Baptist locations?
    3. Will employees from our clinics be able to attend classes etc. at any entity?
    4. I have just recently stopped using tobacco products. If I test negative at the BestHealth biometric screening, do I qualify for the premium reduction?