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Getting help with your benefits just got simpler!

Photo caption: The team that will be answering your benefits questions. Pictured above: Deborah Thomson, Beverly Taylor, Pam Robinson, Demetri Tunstall, Lynn Alexander, Nanette Bess, Carmen Byrum, Tracey Meadows, Shana Scales
Photo by Brandi Byrd Photography

Our system benefits team is launching a new, more convenient way to answer your questions by launching a call distribution system. This system will enable our benefits consultants to better assist you with questions about our health plan and all your other benefits offerings. All you have to do is call 901-227-5093, and our trained subject matter experts will answer your questions.

We hope this new system will provide a more personalized experience for you. As a Baptist team member, you have a wealth of benefits, and now, it will be easier than ever to learn about them. We are continually exploring ways to improve our service to each team member.