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Are you interested in mentoring medical students?

This summer, Baptist Memorial Health Care will partner with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) to support the UTHSC Tennessee Institutes for Pre-Professionals (TIP)-Track I.

The summer program is designed to give college students who are underrepresented in health care an opportunity to gain clinical experience as they prepare for professional and graduate programs.

Baptist Memorial Health Care will provide clinical internships to TIP students from June 4 to July 20 within the fields of dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, nursing, occupational therapy and surgery. Students will be paired with volunteer preceptors and earn more than 650 clinical shadowing hours.

Mentor recruiting ends May 15, 2018. To volunteer or for more information about the UTHSC TIP Program, visit www.uthsc.edu/hcp or contact Katina Phillips at Katina.Phillips@bmhcc.org or 901-227-5035.