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Baptist colleagues to take 2013 Employee Opinion Survey online May 20–June 24

New online option offers more convenience for colleagues

Baptist colleagues across the system will have an opportunity to participate in the 2013 employee opinion survey from May 20 through June 24. This year, Baptist is very excited to offer the employee opinion survey online. Colleagues will be able to complete the survey any time during the survey period, even from the comfort of their homes. The purpose of the employee opinion survey is to measure satisfaction and to make improvements where needed.

“The employee opinion survey is an excellent way for our team to provide us with feedback about their jobs as well as the organization,” said John Lacy, vice president of Human Resources. “We recognize the contributions our colleagues make on a daily basis and greatly value their opinions.  By offering the survey online, colleagues will have the flexibility to participate in this process at their convenience and will no longer have to rely on selected dates and times to come in and take the survey. Our goal is 100 percent participation.”

A link will be provided to colleagues to complete the survey online. If colleagues prefer to take the survey in written form, each entity will offer a limited number of sessions. Specific survey times will be communicated at each entity. All surveys are confidential.

“We want all Baptist colleagues to be extremely satisfied with their work, their team and their organization,” Lacy said.  “We also want all colleagues to feel comfortable voicing their opinions and suggestions so that we can continue to be the Best Place To Work in the communities we serve.  Every opinion counts.”