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Baptist Tipton Home Care physical therapist travels the extra mile for patients

Brad Cook, physical therapist with Baptist Memorial Hospital-Tipton Home Care, is known for going the extra mile for patients.

He recently encountered a patient with severe mobility limitations related to his medical problems. The patient was a Vietnam veteran who attempted to obtain his VA benefits in the past but ran into barriers and gave up. He was on a fixed income and needed assistance. His family was unable to manage his care.

Cook worked diligently with the patient to increase his mobility and self-confidence. He provided physical therapy, training and assurance to advance the patient’s mobility.

To qualify for VA benefits, the patient had to travel from Covington, Tenn., to Memphis and spend almost an entire day there for his initial assessment. He had just about given up and told Cook that he wouldn’t be able to make the appointment.

Cook took the time to travel to the VA to see where they would have to park and how far the patient would have to walk. On the day of the appointment, Cook went to the patient’s home and assisted him with personal care for his appointment. He followed the patient 50 miles in his car to the VA appointment and made sure he got around in a wheelchair.

“Because of Brad, the patient was able to begin receiving his VA benefits,” wrote coworker Leigh Huffman, registered nurse. “Brad’s care of this patient was ‘above and beyond’ and demonstrates how our home care team cares, performs, and delivers the best patient care.”

The Tennessee Association for Home Care Members recently awarded Cook the Outstanding Homecare Direct Service Provider Award for 2013.

Huffman wrote the nomination and described the sentiment of many of their coworkers.

“It is an honor to work with Brad. He is the best patient advocate I have ever known,” she said.

We salute Cook for his commitment to providing the best patient care.