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Baptist Wellness Center/Junior Achievement BizTown Ribbon Cutting

Baptist sponsors the Wellness and Fitness shop in the BizTown, which promotes health and wellness services to other JA BizTown businesses. The Wellness Center provides a unique opportunity for students to role play as a health professional, receive health information and understand how a community works.

Baptist began its sponsorship of JA BizTown during the 2009-2010 school year. Approximately 3,500 students from city, county, private and home schools participate in the BizTown project each year, teaching them how to write checks, balance checkbooks and maintain their finances as adults.

Through the JA BizTown project, students learn about a free enterprise system and the importance of nonprofit organizations in our community.

Former BizTown Wellness Center students, Lauren Morris, Leah Bennett, Briana Clayborn and Chandler Allen spoke as well as Baptist Memphis CEO and administrator Zach Chandler.

Also a special thank you to Larry Colbert, President of Jr. Achievement and Hallie Hogan, JA BizTown Manager!!

From Baptist Wellness Center/Junior Achievement BizTown Ribbon Cutting, posted by Baptist Memorial Health Care.